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At Property Darshan, we strive to deliver the best of deals to our partners by offering an interface that incorporates technology like never before in the real-estate industry in Kolkata. Our team of experienced professionals are always ready to get your inventory conveyed to your most potential audience as soon as you get online with us. Once listed, our team gets into the job of verification and preparation of 360° Virtual Tour of your property. Now get your inventory of Residential or Commercial Properties like Flats, Apartments, Offices, Showrooms online to sell or rent from the convenience of your home.

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One Property, One Listing

All the properties listed on Property Darshan follow One Property, One Listing policy. Constant monitoring and strict measures ensure exclusivity of a single property and maintain accuracy in sale value and information.


Verified Property Listings

Our team of experts physically verify all the key features, location and ownership of every property before listing. This ensures credibility for every given property listing for users and encourages faster buy or rent conversion.


360° Virtual Tour for All

We are the first real-estate company to introduce 360° Virtual Tour for all our properties in Kolkata. Our dedicated in-house team of experts are there to ensure a complete and flawless virtual tour covering every aspects of a property.

Experience the Power of 360° Virtual Tour with Every Property Listing

Convenience for All

With the emergence of modern technologies, tedious site visits are days of past now. When we are getting increasingly comfortable with getting everything online, then why not a home or office? That is exactly why we have brought you this online property marketplace where we take every advantage of 360° Virtual Tour technology. Along with all the key features listed, your entire inventory is accessible online form anywhere anytime saving both you and your target audience precious time and effort.

Reach Your Audience Remotely

Perks of turning to online takes away the boundaries of all the conventional methods. With 360° Virtual Tour enabled Listing, now your property can reach every corner of the world in just a few clicks. Whether in the same city or in a country far away, your target audience can visit your property anytime they want that too with complete real-like experience. Be it a company expanding to a new office location or a user looking for rent apartments before moving into the city. Now you have the power to stay one step ahead.

Better Audience Conversion

The power of credible and transparent information beats any other form of marketing available out there. With all the visual and technical information given up-front, we help our users to make a informed decision by filtering all the available options. Which in turn gives our partners effortless conversion and smaller idle-periods between occupancies. Also, abundance of information not only increases your audience reach, but also gets you better quality leads well ahead of others giving you better audience conversion.

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"I Stay in Mumbai and Having Residential property in Kolkata.Thanks to through which I had got the Best deal of my Property."

Jyoti Jain

"Inspite of being at Burdwan,West Bengal through “” Virtual Tour I had find it convenient and got a great response which helped me to get a good tenant."

Deep Halder

"I Stay in Kolkata and I had a residential property for sale. Attending regular inspections of buyer was really inconvenient as I am a service person. Thanks to virtual tour I got free from regular inspections."

Sushmita Chakraborty